Healthy At Home

Well I did not quite make it on time for my Mermaid Monday post of a new video this week.

I guess that is life in quarantine, things seem to go slower these days.

Join me for this Mermaid Soleil Episode 6 . Healthy At Home ~ Featuring 6 Fin Fun Mermaid Tails!

Can you name them all?

Wellness In The Waters

What in life makes you feel well? I love to swim. Flowing through the waters is such peace for me and after returning to land I always feel stronger. The salty waters are the best medicine for my body and soul. 

Photo : @mermaid_elle_willow

Tail : @finfunmermaid

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Green Goodness

Green goodness that taste like chocolate! I am so grateful for healthy fun foods to enjoy, and nourish this body! Sea greens are my favorite form of greens, and work well for my sensitive digestive system. Truly a mermaid, body and soul!

I have decided for Wednesday’s to share some bits of wellness. It is such an important part of mermaid life. Tips, Foods, Activities, and Products that are good for you and the planet! Hopfully this will help others out there, as well be reminders for this mermaid! Wishing you all a wonderful Wellness Wednesday! (I was surprised there was already a hashtag and movement for this… yay to likemindedness!)

Photo : @ema.soleil

Kitchen Goddess : @purrrrlove

Sacred Life

I am so grateful for kombucha and especially for the healing exliars from GTS Kombucha and the energy it gives me. This Sacred Life 25th anniversary limited edition has become my life source lately. I often have digestive issues and food is a difficult process. This is a blend of kombucha, coconut water, ginger, blue spirulina, and love. It is perfection in a bottle! It has brought back my life force! Rather than my body rejecting it like most foods these days (pardon the details), I can’t get enough! Please keep this brew coming even after your birthday! You have given this mermaid on a mission a reason to rejoice! So much gratitude for what you have created! Simply perfect!
By the way, Happy 25th!!!

5 Mermaid Bathtime Tips

I hope you are all well during this quarantine time and finding way to relax and enjoy while inside.

I know this mermaid is missing a good swim, but has been dreaming and playing in the bath.

Do join me, come play and sail away with me for the day!


Fin Fun Ambassador Favorite

The other FinFun Ambassadors and I have been busy chatting and deciding what to share with you this month!
We have decided for this Mermaid Monday to feature our favorite tail that we have been gifted thus far as part of our Ambassadorship! It’s a difficult decision, as they are all so beautiful, each unique! Yet it seems that my first tail, the Moondive, is my favorite and goes everywhere with me since I received it while visiting the FinFun Headquarters this summer. I suppose it is my favorite as it is perfectly in my preferred colors of ocean tones and a touch of purple. I shall share a few more reflections of such with you on my Instagram and Facebook! Do check back soon! Feel free to dive in and share your FinFun favorite too!
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Photo : Rosita Gatita
Tail : Fin Fun Mermaid Tails
Top : Calzadonia
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Mermaid Soleil Sings

I am here to serenade you with a little song you are probably familiar with, and hopefully this will bring some joy upon your path! Here is You Are My Sunshine!

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Lava Hot Springs

I found a new hot spring in my travels called Lava Hot Springs, in a town called Lava Hot Springs, located in Idaho not far before the Utah border. It was a blessing indeed upon my path, as this mermaid was not feeling well, and warm waters are always the best to soothe my body. We stopped in for what we thought would be a quick soak, but with my body hurting, we stayed til close. It was a sweet moment. There was a little girl who right away recognized our Fin Fun tails and quickly became our friend. If you are ever near here, do stop by for a soak.


Bahama Blush Tail

We went swimming and tried on our new Bahama Blush tails. We got them while at our visit to the Fin Fun shop.

We brought along the GoPro to the pool, so should have lots of footage to share soon! Be sure to follow us on our YouTube too!

Fin Fun Meeting

So today is the day to meet the crew at Fin Fun! I am excited and a little nervous. The appointment at Fin Fun is at 1pm and this gives me time to figure out what to do with myself before and after the meeting. I changed my clothes three times before I settled on the white dress that a dear friend in Hawaii gifted me, and the necklace from the same dear soul.

We arrived Fin Fun and were greeted by several employees and gifted bags of goodies, including Fin Fun sunglasses, a beach ball, water bottle, a mermaid bath bomb, and lots of stickers and such!

We went on a tour of the shop, seeing behind the scenes where the magic happens and tails are designed and printed. We had the honor of meeting some of the designers and seeing where and how they do their 360 degree view photography of the tails for the website.

After our tour I was gifted my ambassador welcome package with two Fin Fun tails and the AMP mono-fin. I was surprised to see that I needed an extra small. Luckily my package had one small tail and one extra small. I got to take home the Moon Dive tail with me today, and will be receiving the Salt Water Taffy in the mail, probably before I even return to Michigan.

My sister, Mermaid Elle, and I also got a matching set of the Bahama Blush tails from the seconds rack. Fin Fun was so kind to include her in this meeting.

If you are ever in Idaho Falls, Idaho do stop on through to the shop!