Healthy At Home

Well I did not quite make it on time for my Mermaid Monday post of a new video this week.

I guess that is life in quarantine, things seem to go slower these days.

Join me for this Mermaid Soleil Episode 6 . Healthy At Home ~ Featuring 6 Fin Fun Mermaid Tails!

Can you name them all?

Wellness In The Waters

What in life makes you feel well? I love to swim. Flowing through the waters is such peace for me and after returning to land I always feel stronger. The salty waters are the best medicine for my body and soul. 

Photo : @mermaid_elle_willow

Tail : @finfunmermaid

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Beach & Paddleboard Yoga with my Furmaid

Join Furmaid Lili and Mermaid Soleil for some beach and paddle board yoga!

Feel free to pretend you are a mermaid in a tail and join us for the breathing and body movement!

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Mermaid In Quarantine

I am here alone in the home I am caretaking a moment, and have decided to try and get creative on my own. It is a challenge indeed to be in a tail, the photographer, and the merwrangler all at once. Creating a recording of a song I have learned for my sister in hopes to make a little video for her 13th birthday coming next month!

Notre Dame

I am so sad to hear the news of Notre Dame in Paris burning! I am grateful that through my travels I have been able to swim up to the shore of Ile de Cite, and visit this beautiful cathedral. One must remember to appreciate what we can while we may, and follow our dreams to see all that we seek!

Pier 60

I just love this dolphin at Pier 60 in Clearwater! I feel like the mermaid within her is a reflection my my mermaid spirit! I believe whomever the artist is that created this and I are indeed kindred spirits!


Sunbathing Beach Babes

My furmaid Lili and I sunbathing and enjoying the Florida warmth! Feels so good to be back in the warmth again. Grateful for sunshine, beaches, and days like these!

Tail : Fin Fun Mermaid Tails
Photo of us : @mermaid_elle_willow


Mermaid Crown

I think I have finally found my mermaid crown! I have long awaited something that really felt like me, and today I found it while in Florida at the Mermaid Festival of Spring Hill! A beautiful creation by JenecasFantaSEA! Be sure to find her on social media! She creates just about everything mermaid you could imagine from crowns, to tops, and more!

Crown by @JenecasFantaSEA