Healthy At Home

Well I did not quite make it on time for my Mermaid Monday post of a new video this week.

I guess that is life in quarantine, things seem to go slower these days.

Join me for this Mermaid Soleil Episode 6 . Healthy At Home ~ Featuring 6 Fin Fun Mermaid Tails!

Can you name them all?

Beach & Paddleboard Yoga with my Furmaid

Join Furmaid Lili and Mermaid Soleil for some beach and paddle board yoga!

Feel free to pretend you are a mermaid in a tail and join us for the breathing and body movement!

Do want to be a mermaid too?

Use the code SOLEIL10 at for a discount on your order!

This saves a little for you, and helps keep us going too!

Shift Holistics

I have been working on the concept of Mermaid Yoga for awhile now and was so delighted to be invited to the wellness center, Shift Holistics, to share in some playtime, as well build on ideas and concepts for regular gatherings that would include some mermaid moments, as well as yoga. I am so enchanted with the idea to bring my love for the ocean and yoga together! More on this coming soon!

Mermaid Yoga

I am so excited to be introducing Mermaid Yoga!

Check out our Services page for info on how you can bring a little magic into your session with Mermaid Soleil.

She can appear with legs (mermaid leggings) and offer the Sun Salutation to begin your practice, or for kids yoga we can do fun poses like dolphin, fish, mermaid, and more!

Do you have a center or beach location that you are hosting yoga? Let me know!