Mermaid Soleil is a traveling mermaid that can join you anywhere in the world! She is honored to attend your event and is available as a solo mermaid, or if you seek more than one mermaid look at The Pod. Mermaid Elle is the little sister of Mermaid Soleil and can also join for some events! Contact us for more on what we can offer!


Mermaid Soleil and pod are happy to make an appearance on behalf of your charity or fundraiser. Our pod does not accept payment for charity events. The mermaids act as a photo opportunity and attraction for the guests. If you would like, donations can be collected on Mermaid Soleil’s behalf, and then donated to the clients choice of charity or program. Mermaid Soleil reserves the right to accept or decline any charity events



Interested in having a mermaid appear at your event on dry land? Meet & Greets are a great way to have a mermaid at your venue or event without having a water source. Mermaid Soleil is happy to take pictures with your guests and answer any questions they may have. Education about the state of our oceans/ lakes is provided through story time at the appropriate events. Mermaid Soleil can also give gifts for the guests. Meet n’ Greet appearances are perfect for outdoor on land events, or indoor venues such as aquariums, centers, clubs, and convention halls.



Looking to find some magic in life? Plan an exciting adventure and go on a treasure hunt that leads to a mermaid! Shell leis are gifted from the mermaid upon finding her, for up to five as part of this package. Mermaid Soleil can even deliver a message in a bottle. What a magical way to pop the question, or just say something special to your loved ones. Client must plan the route and create the hints to lead the way to the designated meeting place of the mermaid. Let Mermaid Soleil know how she can help you design the perfect mermaid experience.



Do you have a center or beach location that you are hosting yoga? Bring a little magic into your session with Mermaid Soleil. She can appear with legs (mermaid leggings) and offer the Sun Salutation to begin your practice, or for kids yoga we can do fun poses like dolphin, fish, mermaid, and more! Mermaid Soleil is doing her Teacher Training for Yoga and is not yet a certified yoga instructor, so cannot currently hold a full yoga class. You must be, or provide, a certified instructor at your gathering. Mermaid Soleil can do a meet n’ greet in her tail as part of your mermaid experience! Mermaid Soleil is happy to take pictures with your guests and answer any questions they may have, as well as educate on the state of our waters.



Do you or your little ones have a love of water, and all things magical? What better way to celebrate then with a real live mermaid! Mermaid Soleil is available for pool parties, on land parties, at the beach, or any venue you can think of! She is delighted to bring birthday cheer and can serenade the Guest of Honor with Happy Birthday on her ukulele. She will also gift them with a shell, flower, or kukui nut lei! Party favors of shell leis for the guests are also available. Mermaid Soleil is happy to take pictures with your guests and answer any questions they may have. Mermaid Soleil can also deliver additional birthday gifts for your child/children. Story time can also be included as part of Mermaid Soleil’s visit. Mermaid Soleil attends all children’s parties with a Merwrangler, who moves the mermaid as needed. This is included as part of your birthday package. Let us know your theme and colors, so we can coordinate accordingly!



Are you a photographer or artist looking for a unique subject matter? Mermaid Soleil is experienced in modeling on location, a studio, and even underwater.

  • Photographers (Professional/Amateur- Fashion, “Wildlife,” Landscape, Underwater, Advertising, Stock, ect.)
  • Artists (Figure Drawing/Painting- Art Classes, Groups, or Individuals)
  • Personal Photos (Family Pictures with a mermaid, underwater pictures, ect. A photographer can be provided in some locations, booked separately.)



If you would like an additional mermaid, Mermaid Elle can join is for some events. Mermaid Soleil also has mermaid friends around the world that she can gather with for your event. Contact us to know more.



A Merwrangler is there to move the mermaid as necessary for all events with a silicone tail due to the weight, and ALL children’s events! We must keep the magic alive and not be changing into a mermaid when children are present. A Merwrangler is only included in the Birthday Parties Package.



Shell Leis – 5 for $15

Message in a Bottle – $10

Mertailor – Use code SOLEIL10 at checkout for your 10% discount, or we can order for you!

Shore Buddies – Use code EMASOLEIL25 at checkout for your 25% discount, or we can order for you!

Mermaid Art – Made by Mermaid Soleil, and other artist she discovers through her travels. Coming soon!

*Special Notes:

*If you need us to create a space and bring props to make a mermaid throne, just ask!

*Beaches must not be extremely rocky, contain sharp or abrasive objects, or be subject to contamination. If conditions are not ideal, this can hurt the mermaid and damage her tail.

*If the weather does not cooperate or the state of the beach is unsafe, alternative “mermaid sighting” scenarios/options can be discussed.

*There is an additional fee for gifts from the mermaid for cost of items chosen.

*A Merwrangler is needed for events with a silicone tail, and ALL children’s events.

*A 50% non-refundable down payment is due at the time of booking your event.

*Payment is required to be paid in full before the actual event.

*Travel fees may incur.

*Rates listed above are for one Mermaid.



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