Notre Dame

I am so sad to hear the news of Notre Dame in Paris burning! I am grateful that through my travels I have been able to swim up to the shore of Ile de Cite, and visit this beautiful cathedral. One must remember to appreciate what we can while we may, and follow our dreams to see all that we seek!

Paris Mermaid Fountain

For a few years now I have been trying to get to the mermaid fountain in Paris. This time through I made it one of my first stops.

Here are a few reflections from the moment. Be sure to dive into the Mermaid Goddess post for a few more from that day.

Mermaid Feast

A dear friend here in Paris hosted me a welcome dinner last night… with some divine fish, of course!

A kind I have never had before, but her preparation left me with the feeling of eating delicately perfumed divinity.

It was incredible, really delightful!

My host hard at work making my welcome feast…

Such fun with this lovely lady! Grateful for her!

Love the current environment she is dwelling in too!