Paris Mermaid Fountain

For a few years now I have been trying to get to the mermaid fountain in Paris. This time through I made it one of my first stops.

Here are a few reflections from the moment. Be sure to dive into the Mermaid Goddess post for a few more from that day.

Creative Tail Stand

My tail came out to play. Notice the makeshift stand… it worked perfectly! It is an old umbrella stand.

Tail by the @mertailor
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Live you dreams!

My Tail Goes

I am on the move again, and where I go my tail goes too.

We are parting Paris for a bit to spend some time in Normandy a few hours to the Northwest.

I sure am looking forward to playing in the rivers of the french countryside, and the fresh air after some time in the city!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and a Mer*ry Christmas!

I do so hope your moments are filled with magic this season, and always!!!

May all your dreams come true!

Loves from Mermaid Soleil

Reflecting, on the River Seine, Paris, France

Mermaid Tail ~ Mertailor Mermaid Tails By Eric Ducharme

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Found A Pirate

This mermaid found herself a pirate while in the French Countryside!

Hope you are having a delightful Halloween!

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Time to Fly

It is time to hop the pond again.

Since it is a rather long swim, I am taking a plane…

until the day I can get a sailboat.

One can dream… and should!

They moved my seat for some reason…

but I have no complaints… leg room is so rare on flights!