Pier 60

I just love this dolphin at Pier 60 in Clearwater! I feel like the mermaid within her is a reflection my my mermaid spirit! I believe whomever the artist is that created this and I are indeed kindred spirits!


Love Rock Found

Found a love rock here in Michigan at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum. I am going to take it back to Europe, and leave it some place interesting, for the next person to find and carry around the world. Wearing my new leggings from The Mertailor!

Time to Fly

It is time to hop the pond again.

Since it is a rather long swim, I am taking a plane…

until the day I can get a sailboat.

One can dream… and should!

They moved my seat for some reason…

but I have no complaints… leg room is so rare on flights!

New Ukulele

I visited Elderly Instruments today and found this beauty.

Did not expect to bring her home, but somehow found myself unable to leave without her.

I suppose that is how it goes with these sort of things… when you know it is the one, you listen to the calling.