Sacred Life

I am so grateful for kombucha and especially for the healing exliars from GTS Kombucha and the energy it gives me. This Sacred Life 25th anniversary limited edition has become my life source lately. I often have digestive issues and food is a difficult process. This is a blend of kombucha, coconut water, ginger, blue spirulina, and love. It is perfection in a bottle! It has brought back my life force! Rather than my body rejecting it like most foods these days (pardon the details), I can’t get enough! Please keep this brew coming even after your birthday! You have given this mermaid on a mission a reason to rejoice! So much gratitude for what you have created! Simply perfect!
By the way, Happy 25th!!!

Spreading Joy

One of the great delights of mermaid life, is getting to spread the joy!

I just love sharing this passion and love of the waters with little ones, with hopes to inspire them to become protectors of the waters too!

These little girls asked me if I was really a mermaid, and when I replied, “With all my heart!”, they bounced in joy!


Love Rocks

Painted my first love rock… The Mermaid and the Pearl.

Something to do while dreaming of my return to the waters!

Hope to create several and begin leaving them for others to find once I start traveling again!


Rainbow Fish

I am so happy to have my new tail from Fin Fun Mermaid Tails, as I am hoping to begin volunteering at Children’s Hospitals, and the like, to have story time! Anyone out there have connections or suggestions please do let me know!

FinFun Feature

I have been featured by FinFun on Instagram. Please go visit the post and give it some love! It is truly an honor to have them choose my mermaid art for their page! I just love the quote, as I have been struggling with my health lately once again and a feeling a bit trapped on land, so the quote felt so perfect, brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart! “She is a mermaid on dry land and the world is her ocean” J.Iron Word

Climb Aboard

Time to climb aboard and make my way across the Atlantic. Returning to Europe for another moment!

Tail : @mertailor
Top : @calzedonia
Photo : @mermaid_whisperer

Around The Great Lakes

Making my way around the Great Lakes, and across the Atlantic Ocean for another moment in Europe!

Tail : @mertailor
Top : @calzedonia
Photo : @mermaid_whisperer