Playing With Paints

While my health has been quite the struggle lately, and I am deeply missing the waters, I have decided to try painting with acrylic. It had been years… as my regular medium is watercolors, but this is a start and keeping my dreams of the ocean life a little closer to heart.

Climb Aboard

Time to climb aboard and make my way across the Atlantic. Returning to Europe for another moment!

Tail : @mertailor
Top : @calzedonia
Photo : @mermaid_whisperer

Dream to Volunteer

It is my dream to someday volunteer at the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida, a rescue center for marine life, and the home to the world famous dolphins Winter and Hope. I felt so honored to meet the senior marine mammal trainer at the @cmaquarium, Camelle Zodrow, and look froward to returning and connecting in more come the perfect moment. I could have stayed and watched the dolphins interact for days on end, yet alas the aquarium closed and it was time to go.