Christmas In The Midwest

I am back in America celebrating Christmas with family. It’s a little too cold for a swim, but I am enjoying the moment with loved ones, making cookies, giving and receiving gifts!

Climb Aboard

Time to climb aboard and make my way across the Atlantic. Returning to Europe for another moment!

Tail : @mertailor
Top : @calzedonia
Photo : @mermaid_whisperer

Old Presque Isle Light

Warming in the setting sun before I return to tour a bit more of the coast of the Great Lakes.

The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse upon Lake Michigan. It is a lovely hike to her from the port, or if you have a fin swim right up from the shoreline.

Tail : @mertailor
Top : @beallsflorida
Photo of Mermaid Soleil : @mermaid_whisperer

Sleeping Bear Point Maritime Museum

It has been fascinating to come ashore and learn stories of the ships that have sailed and sunk on the coasts of Michigan. Thanks to places like this, many souls were rescued when storms arose. The cold fresh waters of the Great Lakes have hidden, and preserved, these lost treasures throughout time for us to dive in and discover.

Tail : @mertailor
Top : @beallsflorida
Photo of Mermaid Soleil : @mermaid_whisperer

Mermaid MegaFest Video

Furmaid Lili and I journeyed to South Haven, Michigan to join with The Ohio Mermaids, Hannah Mermaid, and the Freshwater Mermaid Society to break the world record for most mermaids gathered as part of The Mermaid MegaFest 2018! Such a fun moment and delight to see so many mermaids from all over come together. Can you guess how many? Thank you to The Ohio Mermaids and Katey Mermaid, Ohio’s First Mermaid, for having us join your pod for the day! Thanks to each for you for being here! Do join the journey… for the love of water!

Mermaid Elle

I had such a lovely time meeting up with my littlest sea*star this week for a swim together to welcome in Spring.

There will be a video coming soon as part of my Mermaid Moments playlist on YouTube. Do check in for that on Mermaid Monday!

For now here are a few sweet reflections captured from that day. Be sure to check out my Instagram for more!