Lava Hot Springs

I found a new hot spring in my travels called Lava Hot Springs, in a town called Lava Hot Springs, located in Idaho not far before the Utah border. It was a blessing indeed upon my path, as this mermaid was not feeling well, and warm waters are always the best to soothe my body. We stopped in for what we thought would be a quick soak, but with my body hurting, we stayed til close. It was a sweet moment. There was a little girl who right away recognized our Fin Fun tails and quickly became our friend. If you are ever near here, do stop by for a soak.


Bahama Blush Tail

We went swimming and tried on our new Bahama Blush tails. We got them while at our visit to the Fin Fun shop.

We brought along the GoPro to the pool, so should have lots of footage to share soon! Be sure to follow us on our YouTube too!

Mermaid Elle Video

This weeks Monday Mermaid Moments is coming to you a little late, but I am pleased to be featuring my littlest sea*star, Mermaid Elle.

Thanks to my little Mertender Elijah for his help in filming!

This was Mermaid Elle’s first swim in tail, but she was a natural in no time.

This little one has been crawling towards the waters since she was able!

I will have to find some of those old reflections to share someday.

For now here she is in all her glory… Mermaid Elle ~ For The Love Of Water!


Mermaid Elle

I had such a lovely time meeting up with my littlest sea*star this week for a swim together to welcome in Spring.

There will be a video coming soon as part of my Mermaid Moments playlist on YouTube. Do check in for that on Mermaid Monday!

For now here are a few sweet reflections captured from that day. Be sure to check out my Instagram for more!