Mermaid Lunaria

Here are reflections of the sweet Mermaid Lunaria.

You can also find her on Instagram as seasidescribbles.

It is always a pleasure to find other merfolk while I travel.

These were captured during my visit to the Alexander Springs in Florida.

A few of the photos also include Mermaid Jessica, who I also reflected at the Mermaid Meetup.

If you too would like to get creative together along the way of my adventures do connect!

Siren Asteria

Here are some reflections of Siren Asteria, be sure to find her on Instagram!

I had the pleasure of reflecting for her at the Alexander Springs in Florida.

It is always lovely to meet other merfolk along the way of my journey.

Thanks for being here and following the pod!

More mermaids and mermaid life coming soon!


Mermaid Elle Video

This weeks Monday Mermaid Moments is coming to you a little late, but I am pleased to be featuring my littlest sea*star, Mermaid Elle.

Thanks to my little Mertender Elijah for his help in filming!

This was Mermaid Elle’s first swim in tail, but she was a natural in no time.

This little one has been crawling towards the waters since she was able!

I will have to find some of those old reflections to share someday.

For now here she is in all her glory… Mermaid Elle ~ For The Love Of Water!


Mermaid Katey

I had the pleasure of reflecting for Mermaid Katey while I was in Florida at the Alexander Springs.

Be sure to follow mermaid Katey on her Instagram.

Such a lovely moment to finally meet other mermaids along the way of my journey!

I am busy creating a Mer Pod Gallery and shall have more to share soon.

There will also be a video of Mermaid Katey coming to YouTube, so be sure to dive in over there too!

Mermaid Quintessence Video

As part of Mermaid Monday I am working to feature new videos and photos weekly of mermaids and mermaid life.

This week I offer you a video of Mermaid Quintessence from 2TailsAreBetterThan1.

We also featured her last week with some portraits, so click on her name above to see more.

Such a pleasure creating with this lovely mermaid!

I do so hope to enjoy more creative moments together soon!

Mermaid Quintessence

Had the pleasure of meeting other mermaids while in Florida, including this beauty Mermaid Quintessence from 2tailsarebetterthan1. Be sure to check her out on their Instagram!

I am busy creating a Mer Pod Gallery here on the site, so swim by again soon to see if you are featured!

A video of Mermaid Quintessence will also be coming soon to YouTube in our Mermaid Moments Playlist!

For now enjoy these first few reflections…