Traveling Mermaid Sisters

Join my littlest seastar and I as we travel and sojourn together.

Today is her 13th Birthday, and I hope this is a little gift to remind her just how much I love her, and that she always has my hand to hold.

Thank you to JJ Heller for writing this beautiful song and the words that express my heart!

FSM Mini Meetup

The Florida Springs Mermaids are hosting a mini meetup at Ginnie Springs on August 25th, with special Guest Hannah Mermaid, world famous mermaid, activist, and professional underwater model, and Brett Stanley, an award winning, international underwater photographer.

Arrive by 11am to join group photo at noon. Location at Ginnie Springs by Turkey Roost Pavillion.

INFO: We reserved the Turkey Roost Pavillion for the FSM. Meet Up will be held rain or shine!

This will be our common Meet Up place. It’s near The Devils Eye but we can swim anywhere.

Follow this event for more info & updates.

NOTE: Brett & Hannah will be at Ginnie Springs (or nearby) the previous week offering workshops and photoshoots. He may offer mini shoots during the Meet Up. Contact Brett Stanley ASAP to schedule. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

NOTE: Hannah Fraser also creates beautiful sequin top (made to order-$300) and is offering us a discount on her leggings for $55 (originally $89) and her book “Last Night I Swam With a Mermaid” for $27. These will be pre-order only so please contact Hannah directly ASAP.

More information:
* Suggested Donation to FSM: $10-15 at sign in to help with costs and to give Brett & Hannah a special FSM thank you.
(FSM donates minimum 10% of all fundraising to help conserve the Florida Springs)

* Sign in and fill out waivers when you arrive. Location TBD.
* See for info about admission fees and camping.
* Ginnie may be busy this weekend so we suggest you arrive early.
* There is NO lifegaurd on duty. All swimming and other activities are at your own risk.

Check out the event on Facebook for more info!

You CAN Swim With Us!


Beach Days

I had some sweet moments and beach time with my darling niece who was visiting from Hawaii, and my dear little seastar (sister), Mermaid Elle.

We made crowns, memory globes full of beach bits, and swam in the waters. So much fun creative time at the home also, including faerie castle building, and a fortune teller imagination game in the swing outside. A video will be coming soon to my YouTube. For now here are a few reflections from our time together!

Mermaid MegaFest Video

Furmaid Lili and I journeyed to South Haven, Michigan to join with The Ohio Mermaids, Hannah Mermaid, and the Freshwater Mermaid Society to break the world record for most mermaids gathered as part of The Mermaid MegaFest 2018! Such a fun moment and delight to see so many mermaids from all over come together. Can you guess how many? Thank you to The Ohio Mermaids and Katey Mermaid, Ohio’s First Mermaid, for having us join your pod for the day! Thanks to each for you for being here! Do join the journey… for the love of water!

Florida Springs Mermaids Video

We attended the Florida Springs Mermaids Meetup at Ginnie Springs. It was an absolutely beautiful area to explore with several springs and lots of mermaids! Thanks to Thomas for coming along for the adventure and filming so much! Thanks to each for you for being here! Do join the journey… for the love of water!