Mermaids & Margaritas Photos

Lili and I had so much fun being a part of the Mermaids & Margaritas Festival in Florida.

If you missed it this year, it is an annual event, so be sure to come and check it out next year!

There were so many vendors with art and items related to the ocean, conservation, and of course, mermaids!

We both put our tails on and enjoyed enchanting the many attendees.

Especially Lili, she seemed to be everyone’s new favorite mermaid!

Thanks to Bill Schaefer for the photos from this day, so much appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “Mermaids & Margaritas Photos”

  1. Interested in this year’s festival. Any tips, festival, lodging, & food. Saw a video on a house with Mermaid & Sailboat bedrooms. Is that a Rental, would be interested in booking for event or future stay.

    1. The festival is located in Crystal River, Florida. I have not heard of the place you mentioned, but sounds really fun! I usually stay with family while in that area, but have stayed at The Plantation and it was a great place not far from the festival. There was a trolly service from the Plantation to the festival grounds. Lots of art and cool mermaid accessories last year, and hopefully that will continue to grow each year! As far a food, I dont remember being a lot of vendors for such, but feel free to bring a picnic to the beach, or as it is Florida, there are great restaurants with fresh catch of the day, all around! If you are going to explore that area of the coast, be sure to stop and get some shrimp at The Freezer. It’s a local place, not fancy, but so much fun! You can find out more about this years Mermaids and Margaritas Festival by clicking on the link!

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