Lava Hot Springs

I found a new hot spring in my travels called Lava Hot Springs, in a town called Lava Hot Springs, located in Idaho not far before the Utah border. It was a blessing indeed upon my path, as this mermaid was not feeling well, and warm waters are always the best to soothe my body. We stopped in for what we thought would be a quick soak, but with my body hurting, we stayed til close. It was a sweet moment. There was a little girl who right away recognized our Fin Fun tails and quickly became our friend. If you are ever near here, do stop by for a soak.


Fin Fun Meeting

So today is the day to meet the crew at Fin Fun! I am excited and a little nervous. The appointment at Fin Fun is at 1pm and this gives me time to figure out what to do with myself before and after the meeting. I changed my clothes three times before I settled on the white dress that a dear friend in Hawaii gifted me, and the necklace from the same dear soul.

We arrived Fin Fun and were greeted by several employees and gifted bags of goodies, including Fin Fun sunglasses, a beach ball, water bottle, a mermaid bath bomb, and lots of stickers and such!

We went on a tour of the shop, seeing behind the scenes where the magic happens and tails are designed and printed. We had the honor of meeting some of the designers and seeing where and how they do their 360 degree view photography of the tails for the website.

After our tour I was gifted my ambassador welcome package with two Fin Fun tails and the AMP mono-fin. I was surprised to see that I needed an extra small. Luckily my package had one small tail and one extra small. I got to take home the Moon Dive tail with me today, and will be receiving the Salt Water Taffy in the mail, probably before I even return to Michigan.

My sister, Mermaid Elle, and I also got a matching set of the Bahama Blush tails from the seconds rack. Fin Fun was so kind to include her in this meeting.

If you are ever in Idaho Falls, Idaho do stop on through to the shop!