My New Mertailor Tail

While in Florida I received the gift upon my path of finding my dream tail…

and unexpectedly got to bring her home and make her mine.

Long ago I had a dream one night of a pearl like water world, where I swam as one with the ocean life.

I have never forgot this dream and finding this tail was pure magic!

She is the tail from my dream.

Usually the Mertailor’s tail are made to order, but this one was the first made in this line to see how the new fin would work.

Simple in her tone compared to most of The Mertailor’s intricate detailed work, but truly as I would have envisioned her.

Here I share the video of my first time trying her on. It was a bit of a challenge and took some time. I had tried her on once at the store, but did not fully get my feet into the pockets, until this day.

This tail weighs a bit more then the latest designs, so I will definitely need Mertenders to help me get into it and around, while enjoying her, as well work on the strength to flip my fin, but I am so grateful to have this beauty as my own!

Thanks to The Mertailor for making a dream come true!

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Love and Water

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