Manatee Appreciation Day

In honor of Manatee Appreciation Day I am reflection on my first sweet meeting with the manatee in the Crystal River, Florida

What a wonderful moment. I have always dreamed of seeing the original mermaids… and the first chance happened to be with a mama and baby.

The baby was playing under and around my paddle board, like a little game of peek-a-boo.

You can see more of the manatee in the YouTube video Mermaid and Manatee.

Here are a few of the moments from the day…

Some interesting facts about manatee…

1. Manatees munch on leafy greens for nearly half the day and can weigh up to 1,200 pounds.

2. Manatees love Florida for its warm waters. They prefer to swim in 60° or warmer temperatures.

3. Manatees usually head to the surface to breathe every three to five minutes but can last more than 20 minutes underwater.

4. The closest living relative to the manatee is the elephant.

5. Manatees will lose their teeth throughout their lives and just keep growing more.

6. Hundreds of years ago, sailors were reported to have seen mermaid like creatures while out at sea. Scientists now conclude they were probably manatees.

7. The average speed of a manatee is between three and five miles an hour but most can swim up to 20 miles an hour.


Remember go slow around the Manatee, and lets help preserve their home for generations to come!