Mermaid Ema Soleil

Mermaid Soleil, was born on the Great Lakes of Michigan, but from a very young age felt called to explore the world and the waters. Her true love has been, and shall always be the ocean and the life therein! … Read More

Mermaid Elle Willow

Mermaid Elle has been crawling back to the water since she was able. Her love for all things magical has brought her to the mermaid life. She loves acrobatics, dance and is a light in any space she enters. She … Read More

Furmaid Lilian Grace

Furmaid Lili is the companion to Mermaid Soleil and travels the world with her. She was born on the Great Lakes in the north of Michigan. While Mermaid Soleil was there visiting they met and at once were connected. Since … Read More