Furmaid Lilian Grace

Furmaid Lili is the companion to Mermaid Soleil and travels the world with her. She was born on the Great Lakes in the north of Michigan. While Mermaid Soleil was there visiting they met and at once were connected. Since then they have traveled the United States together, France, Spain, and Portugal. They have hopes to someday live aboard a sailboat and travel the seven seas!

Lili loves to paddle board and guard over the other mermaids while they swim.

Furmaid Lili is the first nonhuman merfolk to join in affiliation with the Mertailor and has several matching bandanas to coordinate with Mermaid Soleil.

Together they hope to bring an appreciation and love for the ocean to all they meet!

Mermaid kisses and Starfish Wishes!

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Love and Water

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